1. ohsoromanov:

    Азербайджан. Баку.

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  2. I’ve been living under a rock and I just came across John Green’s Crash Course series and I’m so excited to learn about communism, imperialism, and Islam from someone who knows so much about all three.


  5. This is how it begins, next thing you know we’re living in the Matrix and our bodies are being used as disposable batteries. 


  6. "Through the machine, man in socialist society will command nature in its entirety, with its grouse and its sturgeons. He will point out places for mountains and for passes. He will change the course of the rivers, and he will lay down rules for the oceans. The idealist simpletons may say that this will be a bore, but that is why they are simpletons. Of course this does not mean that the entire globe will be marked off into boxes, that the forests will be turned into parks and gardens. Most likely, thickets and forests and grouse and tigers will remain, but only where man commands them to remain. And man will do it so well that the tiger won’t even notice the machine, or feel the change, but will live as he lived in primeval times. The machine is not in opposition to the earth. The machine is the instrument of modern man in every field of life. The present-day city is transient. But it will not be dissolved back again into the old village. On the contrary, the village will rise in fundamentals to the plane of the city. Here lies the principal task. The city is transient, but it points to the future, and indicates the road. The present village is entirely of the past."
    — Leon Trotsky | Literature and Revolution (1924)

  7. These three pieces deal with an issue that we really need to discuss as Marxists. I know (too well) that my opinion is unpopular but I am in full agreement with Gourevitch and I completely reject Ajl’s arguments and premises here (and everywhere else - but that’s a different story).

  8. With under a week left for the Italy-Englad matchup at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, let’s take a minute to re-appreciate Andrea Pirlo’s brilliant penalty kick against England in the 2012 Euro Cup quarter-finals.


  9. Addressing regional developments, the source quoted Aoun as saying that Syrian President Bashar Assad deserves a Nobel prize for combating terrorism. He added that he supports Assad “because he opposes his alternative.”

    This is the end. 


  10. This is one of my favorite monuments to Marx, and it’s actually of both Marx and Lenin. It’s also the largest bust in the world, that of Lenin in Ulan-Ude comes close second